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Clinton Lawyer Considers Testimony

July 24, 1998

WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Clinton’s private attorney and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr are engaged in discussions about how the president might provide information to a grand jury investigating the Monica Lewinsky matter.

``We anticipate ... Mr. (David) Kendall will work with Mr. Starr’s office to try to ensure that the grand jury gets the information that it needs,″ press secretary Mike McCurry told reporters today.

At a briefing at the White House, McCurry declined to answer when asked whether Clinton had already received a subpoena to testify before the grand jury.

``We can’t comment on subpoenas because subpoenas arise out of grand jury proceedings,″ McCurry said.

The grand jury is investigating whether Clinton had an affair with Ms. Lewinsky, a former White House intern, and whether the president or associates encouraged her to lie about it.

``I think for some time Mr. Kendall has been trying to work out with Mr. Starr something that would help ensure that the information is provided that is needed, consistent with the president’s view that we should cooperate,″ McCurry said.

Clinton, who early in the probe vowed to present the facts in the Lewinsky matter, saying it was not a sexual relationship, had declined as many as four or five invitations from February to May from Whitewater prosecutors to testify in the investigation.

Starr has called a wide range of Clinton aides and friends before the grand jury, questioning them about the actions of the president and Ms. Lewinsky, and appears to be nearing the end of potential witnesses _ except for the two key figures, the president and Ms. Lewinsky.

Ms. Lewinsky’s attorneys have been engaged in negotiations about possible testimony for months.

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