Wrestling with a cause: Pro wrestlers to raise funds for Midland Valley wrestling team

February 15, 2019

Professional wrestling takes pride in telling stories, but Intense Wrestling Entertainment (IWE) is looking to help the Midland Valley High School wrestling team tell their story.

IWE promoter Timothy Blackmon is bringing independent wrestling to Midland Valley High School on Saturday, Feb. 16, with IWE’s Zero Hour, a fundraiser for the MVHS wrestling team.

“My vision of IWE isn’t just about us,” Blackmon said. “I want to be able to tell someone else’s story, and Coach (Kevin) Emily has been an inspirational figure at MVHS, and we want to give back to the school as much as possible.”

Blackmon, a Middle Valley High School alumni, has been working in independent wrestling since 2003, as a performer, trainer and promoter. Being able to promote and put on a show in his alma mater is a big deal to him.

“This has been a bucket list thing, to run regular shows in my old high school,” Blackmon said.

IWE’s Saturday show looks to put some serious fun into the idea of fundraising. The show is a benefit for Coach Kevin Emily and the MVHS wrestling team.

Blackmon said that IWE is signed to put on eight shows at MVHS, four per year.

“The first show is for the wrestling team, the two middle shows will benefit the general funds of the MVHS Athletic Booster Club, and the November show will be to raise funds for the wrestling team right there at the beginning of their 2019 season,” Blackmon said.

How did these two different wrestling worlds collide for this event?

“One of my wrestlers, his uncle told me to contact Timothy to talk about fundraising,” Emily said. “We can always use more funds,” he added with a laugh.

Blackmon went on to explain that during a Booster Club meeting, he was told about a time later in the season where the wrestling team didn’t have enough money to let the team members stay in a hotel overnight between two tournaments.

“These kids had to come all the way back home, only get maybe three or four hours sleep, and head off again in the morning. It puts them at a disadvantage straight away in their competition,” Blackmon said.

He knew he wanted to get involved. Emily got in contact with Blackmon, and things just started to click.

The iron was hot, and it was time to strike. Independent wrestling has been growing by leaps and bounds in the Carolinas and Georgia, and as Blackmon pointed out, “Aiken is an untapped market.”

Two championships are up for grabs. The IWE Southern States Championship will see Midland Valley’s own Josh Magnum go up against the 6’10” Logan Creed. “The Wrestling Saint” Hunter Young will take on Sean Legacy and the Face Painted Villain T-Kash for the IWE New Age title.

Other action to take place includes former ECW and WWE wrestler C.W. Anderson versus former WCW, WWE and TNA wrestler Shannon Moore. The tag team of Dementia 13 (Kevin Kurgan and Darkness) will face the team of Y2K (Brandon Paradise and Nick Kismet). Amber Nova, who recently debuted on the WWE’s development brand NXT, will take on Lindsay Snow in women’s action.

Local event sponsors include The Pot Smoker BBQ, Charles’ Roofing, C&R Tree & Stump Service, Chad Moyer Painting, Pioneer General & Mechanical Contracting, United Real Estate Aiken, Farmscape Total Farm Management and Hagers Muffler & Auto.

IWE’s Zero Hour will be held in the MVHS gymnasium on Saturday, Feb. 16. Doors open at 6 p.m., and the bell rings at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $10 for general admission, $15 on the day of the show. Ringside seats are $20. General admission tickets for ages 6-12 is $5, and children 5 and younger get in free. Tickets are available online at http://www.itickets.com/events/414119.html. Tickets are also available at Midland Valley High School.