Student knitting her way to D.C.

March 29, 2019

SCOTTSBLUFF — Gering Junior High 8th grader Brittney Rodgers needed to raise some funds for a trip to the nation’s capitol. The project she chose also made an impact in the community.

“I was on Facebook and saw people posting things for sale,” she said. “I learned how to loom last year and thought it would be a great idea to make some knit hats and sell them.”

She found out that people wanted to buy her hats, but said they wanted them to be donated to patients at the Cancer Treatment Center at Regional West.

Rodgers first became interested in looming in seventh grade when her family consumer science teacher assigned a project for the class to complete.

“Making hats puts me in a creative mood because I have a big imagination,” she said. “With hats I can mix colors and it’s relaxing to do. I can even watch television while working on a hat.”

The donation of knit hats to Cancer Treatment Center was organized by the girl’s grandmother, Shirley Rodgers.

“We’ve had some family members who have gone through the cancer center so we’re very familiar with the work they do,” Shirley Rodgers said. “They’ve been very active in helping us through that situation, so we thought it would be an awesome thing to make this donation.”

She said it’s always good to see young people working in the community to help both themselves and others.

The hats donation will go into Emma’s Closet, the Cancer Treatment Center’s collection of clothing items for their patients.

“We have people in there every day looking for hats, scarves, wigs and that kind of thing,” said Kim Croft, registered nurse and patient navigator with the Cancer Treatment Center. “It’s pretty remarkable that Brittney thought about the cancer patients at her age.”

Croft said items like Rodgers’ hats are important to them because there’s a large area population that is touched by cancer, whether as a patient or a family member or friend.

Rodgers, who also competes in the hurdles event on the Gering track team, started looming hats in December. So far, she’s made about 25-30 of them. It takes her about two hours to make each one.

Through looming hats, Rodgers has already raised enough money to pay for her trip to Washington D.C. Now she’s making more of them to earn some extra spending money for her week-long trip, coming up on May 31 to June 5.

Rodgers said she’s looking forward to spending a week visiting historic sites, museums and learning more about our colorful American history.