Evers brings honesty and integrity -- James Fitzpatrick

October 2, 2018

It’s hard to sit back and watch ads that are deceitful, misleading and unethical. I can assure you that Tony Evers is an honest and decent man who would find any unconscionable crimes against children abhorrent.

I know him, and he is a man of substance and character who would clearly work hard for the citizens of Wisconsin, rather than the out-of-state special interest groups pouring millions into Gov. Scott Walker’s re-election campaign.

In the ad about Middleton School District and a teacher viewing pornographic images, two courts upheld an arbitrator’s decision to reinstate this teacher. At the time, Evers as state superintendent did not have the authority to revoke the license. It is sickening these devious ad try to lead the viewers into believing Evers is soft and does nothing about unsavory behavior. That’s nonsense.

Evers did change laws by working with both parties giving the state superintendent broader powers to revoke educator licenses. Where was Gov. Walker when this case actually took place? Don’t fall for these deceitful tactics. Wisconsin deserves honesty and integrity, and Evers will give you that.

James Fitzpatrick, Fort Atkinson, retired superintendent

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