Letter to the editor: Learn about conservatism from Fox

October 13, 2018

Kick-off time is fast approaching, and you should have butterflies in your stomach. It’s the game of your lifetime, with the common-sense, conservative team up against the rowdy, subversive, progressive liberal team. Should the liberal team win the elections, America doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hades of becoming great again.

For you spectators unsure of who to root for, I implore you to do yourself and America the favor of setting aside just one night to watch Lou Dobbs on Fox Business and Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham on Fox News. Educate and entertain yourselves with the flip side of “fake news” -- a three-hour, fair political portrayal that should bring even the most hard-core liberal to the threshold of being able to understand and appreciate conservatism. And that’s all I am going to say about that, for now.

Clay Stover

West Newton

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