Negotiating Teams Agree To Proposed Contract In Dallas SD Dispute

September 20, 2018

The negotiating teams from the Dallas School Board and the school district’s teachers union agreed to recommend a mediator proposal to resolve the ongoing contract dispute, according to a joint statement.

Union members have scheduled a meeting today, and the school board will schedule a meeting to be held within the next few days, the joint statement said. Dallas School District Solicitor Vito DeLuca emailed the statement today.

Details about the agreement were not released. A court imposed gag order remains in place.

District teachers have been working without a contract since September 2015. They had a one-day strike June 19, a strike for eight days last school year and a strike for 22 days in 2016.

The courts got involved after state Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera filed a request June 19 for an order to prevent teachers from striking more days — to ensure the district had 180 instruction days last school year.

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