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Sources Say Barry Made Sexual Advances to Woman Before Arrest

January 26, 1990

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Mayor Marion Barry made repeated sexual advances to the woman reported to have helped the FBI lure him into a cocaine trap, law enforcement sources say.

Barry, whom the FBI says it videotaped buying and smoking crack cocaine, repeatedly asked Rasheeda Moore to make love during the visit last week to her hotel room that ended in his arrest on a misdemeanor drug possession charge, the sources said Thursday.

Barry kissed and touched Rasheeda Moore, but the former model rebuffed his advances, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

FBI agents used a surveillance camera to watch Barry purchase crack cocaine and smoke the illegal drug during the 45-minute visit to Ms. Moore’s hotel room on Jan. 18, according to an affidavit filed in the case.

Ms. Moore’s refusal to have sex with the mayor was in accordance with instructions she received before the undercover sting began, sources said.

She also was told to let the mayor suggest any drug use to avoid a defense claim he was entrapped. Ms. Moore was told not to use drugs, the sources said.

Barry, who this week checked into a Florida drug rehabilitation clinic after turning over his mayoral duties to the city administrator, conducted city business on the telephone in Ms. Moore’s room, said one source.

Ms. Moore, a former model who has posed in national magazines, had a longstanding romantic relationship with Barry that included frequent cocaine use, law enforcement sources say.

She agreed to cooperate with the FBI’s year-long investigation of Barry’s alleged drug use following her arrest Jan. 1 in North Hollywood, Calif., on a driving while intoxicated charge.

Local police turned her over to the FBI, which had lodged a ″material witness warrant,″ authorities in California said.

Ms. Moore’s cooperation began after she was confronted with her sworn denials to a federal grand jury last spring of allegations she used drugs with the mayor, sources said.

Ms. Moore, 38, has since told investigators about using cocaine with Barry, an account that conflicts with the mayor’s sworn denial to a federal grand jury last year of allegations he used illegal drugs, the sources said.

Her account corroborates those provided by convicted drug dealer Charles Lewis, who has testified that he sold crack cocaine to the mayor and smoked it with him, sources said.

Lewis, who had known Ms. Moore only by the initials ″R.C.,″ told investigators she was present when he and the mayor used drugs during a March 1988 weekend in the Virgin Islands, sources said.

Lewis identified Ms. Moore in a photograph after he began cooperating with the investigation, one source said.

Prosecutors are trying to piece together a perjury case against Barry, according to law enforcement sources.

The grand jury has called additional witnesses, including four members of the mayor’s around-the-clock security detail, said law enforcement and city government sources.

The investigation includes possible obstruction of justice by police assigned to guard the mayor, one source said.

A native of the nation’s capital, Ms. Moore attended modeling school here. In 1987 and 1988 she was employed as a social worker for the District of Columbia government.

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