Business owner accused of rape

May 9, 2019

The client needed help cleaning her apartment or she would be evicted, her caseworker said.

The woman and her caseworker found Fort Wayne’s Cleaner Life Services in August 2017 to help the 32-year-old, described as having third- or fourth-grade abilities in reading and math.

William Hubart, 32, owner of Cleaner Life, started to clean the apartment with two other workers about every week. Eventually, Hubart came to clean the apartment by himself, court documents said.

Hubart was charged Wednesday with rape when the victim is mentally disabled or deficient and sexual battery against a mentally disabled victim.

On Oct. 18, 2017, Hubart started asking the victim about her previous boyfriends and confided he thought his wife was cheating on him due to her lack of affection.

Hubart then took the woman to her bedroom, locked the door, took off the woman’s nightgown and performed sex acts with her, court documents said.

The victim told her caseworker she didn’t want Hubart to return and told her what had happened. Police collected items from the victim’s bedroom, including her nightgown, and obtained a body standards search warrant for Hubart. Two buccal swabs were taken from Hubart.

DNA from a bedding sheet matched the DNA from Hubart’s buccal swabs, court documents said.

There is a warrant for Hubbart’s arrest.