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Former Paratrooper Admits Striking Moroccan Killed At Far-Right Rally

May 11, 1995

PARIS (AP) _ A 19-year-old former paratrooper was charged Thursday night with killing a Moroccan immigrant who was pushed into the Seine and drowned during a rally of extreme rightists.

Examining Magistrate Jean-Paul Valat charged two companions with complicity in the May 1 killing of Brahim Bouarram, 29.

Michael Freminet, the former paratrooper, admitted that he slapped Bouarram, but denied intending to kill him. Police said the suspects admitted they had been drinking heavily while in Paris for a rally in support of the National Front.

The National Front espouses a strong anti-immigration policy.

The two men charged with complicity are David Parent, 18, and Christophe Calame, 35.

The arrests were based in part on information provided by the head of the National Front’s security service, Bernard Courcelle, who furnished police with videotapes and gathered testimony from people in the march across Paris.

National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen had said after the drowning that his party had nothing to do with it. He suggested the incident was provoked by outsiders to sabotage his record 15 percent of the vote in the first round of presidential elections a week earlier.

The front issued a statement Thursday saying the suspects ``are neither members nor supporters of the National Front″ and ``clearly had the objective of sabotaging the National Front rally.″

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