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Runaway Cow Rampages Through Manager’s Office

August 9, 1991

MIAMI (AP) _ An escaped 650-pound cow spent several hours doing what lots of workers dream of doing: trash the boss’ office.

The cow appeared Thursday in the parking lot of Hangar One, a company that services planes at a suburban airport.

It charged at red-shirted employees, activated an automatic door and ambled into the building.

″People were jumping in the cars, diving for cover,″ said Shannon Levinson, a Hangar One employee. ″She took one look at me and she came right at me.″

The cow chased Levinson through the lobby and into the manager’s office. Levinson ran out another door and trapped the cow inside.

During the next three hours, the cow kicked in the wall, dented a desk, crushed a plant and shattered a coffee table.

Unskilled in roundups, police called Graham Dairy. A crew drove the beast through a makeshift corral leading from the office to the back of a cow trailer.

″They treated it real good. They gave it one of the nicest offices they had,″ said Graham farm worker Jerry Duncan.

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