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Jimmy Glass Third Louisiana Inmate Executed Since Sunday

June 12, 1987

ANGOLA, La. (AP) _ Jimmy Glass, a high school dropout who shot and killed a bound-and-gagged couple on Christmas Eve 1982, was executed early Friday in Louisiana’s electric chair.

Glass, 25, the third Louisiana inmate executed in five days, was pronounced dead at 12:14 a.m., eight minutes after the first of four, 15-second jolts of electricity was administered, said Corrections Commissioner C. Hall Phelps.

Glass grinned as he was strapped into the chair. Asked if he had a final statement, he said, ″Yeah, I think I’d rather be fishing.″

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected Glass’ last appeal without comment Thursday evening. The high court also had refused to stop Louisiana executions on Sunday and Tuesday.

″He told me this morning if anything stopped it, it would be a surprise to him,″ Warden Hilton Butler had said earlier.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Glass’ appeal Wednesday. Gov. Edwin Edwards has refused to stop any execution unless he gets new evidence indicating the person is innocent.

Earlier in the day, Glass met quietly with his parents, wife, sisters and brothers.

Glass was condemned for killing Newt and Erlene Brown. He said he should be spared because Jimmy Wingo, a cellmate who escaped with him from the Webster Parish jail the night of the murders, held a gun to his head and made him kill the Browns after he called Wingo by name.

Wingo, 35, is scheduled to die June 16 for the killings. He said he had nothing to do with them.

Sheriff’s Deputy Jimmy Morgan described Glass as a neglected high-school dropout who never held a job for more than a few weeks. He said Glass wanted to be tough, drank to feel tough, and was taken in by Wingo’s tough jailhouse talk.

The two escaped after being let out of their cell to make holiday telephone calls to their families. They followed the railroad tracks from Minden to the Browns’ home in the town of Dixie Inn.

There, they found a cooler full of beer and liquor and sat down to drink, something they were still doing when the Browns got home from a party.

At trial, Glass testified that he and Wingo waited until the Browns’ lights were out, kicked in the door and tied up the Browns with electrical cord before ransacking the house.

When Wingo put a shotgun to his head, Glass said, he tiptoed up to the bed, closed his eyes and pulled the trigger of his pistol on Brown. He said Mrs. Brown started to scream and he shot her, too.

The Browns’ daughter, Linda Brown Tate, said the executions should go forward.

″I would rather have my parents back,″ she said, ″But we just want the justice system to do what it is supposed to do. They are paying for what they did.″

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