Women gather at Seven Springs with empowerment in mind

October 6, 2018

Those who attended the Daily American’s first Women in Business Conference Friday at Seven Springs Mountain Resort said they walked away empowered.

Friday’s event, hosted by the newspaper and the Somerset County Chamber of Commerce, offered professional women in Somerset County an opportunity to hear speakers on a variety of topics — including health and wellness, retirement, balancing life and business and giving back to the community.

The event started with a leadership panel. Participants then chose breakout sessions to attend.

The lunch keynote speaker was Dr. Sherry Cain, who presented “From Burnt Out to On Fire.” Cain, of Cain Coaching and Consulting, spoke about changes women can make to find more balance in their lives.

“Everybody is pretty stressed out, pretty burned out,” Cain said ahead of her speech. “This is going to be helping them figure out causes of burnout, how to deal with burnout and hopefully taking away a few tools where they can deal with their self-talk.”

Cain said events like the conference are important because it gives women, who are typically trying to find the balance between job and family, an opportunity to come together.

“Women don’t get a lot of opportunities to come together like this,” she said. “It is nice to be able to sit down with other women and connect.”

Cain said it is important for women to support one another.

“I hope they leave with encouragement and hope,” she said. “I hope they leave here with new ideas. I just hope they leave saying, ‘Wow ... I feel energized to go out there.’”

Katie Broadwater attended the event after receiving an invitation from her boss.

“I’ve enjoyed the first workshop,” she said. “I went to the social media one — I enjoyed it.”

Natasha Zorn, owner of Empower You Holistic Wellness Services, presented a breakout session on “Balancing Running a Business and Having a Family.”

“I think it is great for the women to get together to lift each other up and empower them,” she said.

Michelle Moon said she attended with hope to find some women she could mentor and to learn tips on leadership skills.

“I think women in Somerset County need to start empowering the younger women coming up through the ranks,” she said. “Let them know there is a place for them here. There is a future for them here. You can raise your families here and be successful here.”

The event ended with a panel discussion on why people should be involved in their communities and with a presentation from Emily Korns, owner up Uptown Works in Somerset.

Organizers are planning to make the conference a yearly event.

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