Charlene Travelstead: Term limits

March 5, 2019

Editor: Who made thes rules for term limits? The president of The United States of America (most powerful man in the world) has limits of two four-year terms. Congress/Senate has unlimited term limits. Their term limits should be like the president, not like Nancy Pelosi’s 32 yrs and Chuck Schumer’s 38 year,s etc. When and if they retire they should not get their monies for life. In fact, get exactly what each and every American person is getting. They also get their raises every year without fail. I am sure you all remember when Obama was in office, we did not receive a raise in Social Security for three years. Imagine if they did not get their monies for life, how this could help the people in our country. People wake up and see what is happening to our country ; not a pretty picture. We need to pray and ask God for guidance.

Charlene Travelstead

Lake Havasu City