O.J. DeJonge art show to open Friday

May 9, 2019

On Friday, students from O.J. DeJonge Middle School will get the chance to show of their artwork they have worked on throughout the year.

This is the fourth year that this show is happening said Jen McWilliams, O.J. Middle School art teacher, who said the show is a great opportunity for students involved in the arts.

“The art show is awesome because you get a minute in all this chaos of art class to see how amazing these young people are and what they have accomplished,” McWilliams said.

Students are excited as well.

“(This) kind of means a lot,” seventh-grader Lauren Johnson said. “You don’t get much recognition for art I feel these days.”

She commented about her clay sculpture of a lighthouse that glows if you put a candle in it, saying it’s her favorite of the pieces she’s displaying in the show.

Another seventh-grader in the same class, Noah Greiner, echoed Lauren Johnson’s sentiments.

“It’s pretty cool, I guess,” Greiner said. “I’m pretty sure I have an impressionist painting of (YouTube personality) Julien Solomita and a studio drawing, although I’m not sure which one (will be in the show).”

The arts center will host between 175 and 200 drawing, paintings, collages and pottery pieces, according to LACA Director Andy Skinner.

“We enjoy giving area art students the opportunity to show their art through the show,” Skinner said “We are always looking to inspire young people to make art.”

“I’ve got four paintings of (rapper) Lil Pump and some clay sculptures in the show,” said Trey Forfinski. “I think (the show) is pretty cool.”

When asked if having his art showcased made him think of going into art, he responded with, “Maybe design.”

The installation will open on May 10 from 5 to 7 p.m. and be open through the end of May.

Admission is free to the public.