Get your lobster, here!

September 2, 2018

Dan the Lobsterman supplies seafood to the Darlington infield campers.

DARLINGTON, S.C. - If you are walking around the Darlington Raceway infield and catch a whiff of fresh seafood, you are in the vicinity of Dan, the Lobsterman.

Dan is from St. George, Maine, and has been coming to the Bojangles Southern 500 for about six years.

Dan is the “go-to” guy for the infield campers when it comes to sea food.

“I bring 70 pounds of freshly caught Maine lobster to the race track for other attendees to purchase,” he said. “I have this all set up through NASCAR and has about two-thirds of the venues set up already.”

He goes to tracks like Daytona, Talladega, Martinsville, Richmond, Homestead, and has gone as far west as Phoenix and Las Vegas.

How much seafood can Dan handle?

He brings 75 pounds of lobster, swordfish, tuna fish, scallops and Halibut.

“I started in the early 2000s lugging lobsters to the race track,” he said.

His first year was the most exciting.

“It made the second, third, fourth, fifth, six trip available and I’m sure we’ll have a seventh trip next year,”

“I live in Maine. It’s a long winter up there, “he said. “You can’t leave in July and August. Cant’ live in the winter. Can’t leave there in the summer, so as soon as fall comes around, I go to the races.

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