Orchids and Onions: Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April 4, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Ricky Van Lent who appears in the current production of Sweet Charity at the Grace Center! His performance in the elevator scene was hilarious! The whole cast is super and we enjoyed it very much last Friday evening.

Onions to the city and all of the homeowners that do not cut back & trim all their overgrown weeds our city looks horrible need more code enforcements in our town!

Orchids to Tomas Dentistry for the great service I received. As a winter visitor, I had a problem with a broken filling. I had a great experience with Dr. Tomas, his staff, his receptionist and everyone in his office. Very professional and an absolute great place to have any dental work done. Thanks again and kudos to you as you run a great business. RLH

Onions to the city for planning to finish Swanson Ave. project by Memorial Day -- if “construction begins in early April” and “is anticipated to take approximately four months to complete,” something does not add up.

Orchids to Doctor Thomas Wrona. Doctor Tom! Congratulations on your retirement, you deserve it. I continue to think that I had a slick idea for you, creating a little clinic in the corner of your garage, caring for us geriatrics that you are leaving behind. After all, it’s your fault that we’ve lived this long. Kidding aside, we wish you both the best that retirement has to offer. Buzz and Judy

Onions to Keep Havasu Beautiful for picking a newer home, although nice. Go to the south end of town. The pride of ownership on Hassayampa Drive is evident, from 1970 Homes to new builds this street from Thunderbolt to Bluebird has been transformed. Google it, drive it, see the change.

Orchids to Mary Lou from Haven Family Resource, your presentation at our luncheon was very informative, you do so much for our community and especially our children. Thank you for all you do! LHCMC Auxiliary

Onions to those who chew tobacco and spit it out all over the place. I was in a public bathroom and someone tried to hit the urinal and missed. This is disgusting. Do you do the same in your house I think not.

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