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Robbers Leave $10 Behind

June 28, 1989

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) _ Two holdup men had it all backwards. While most robbers take money, this pair left some behind.

Authorities said men entered a grocery store early Tuesday and picked up a case of soda and a gallon of milk. Clerk Marlon John Russman rang up the merchandise, which totaled a little more than $7.

One man handed Russman $10, then pulled a gun, demanding the money in the cash register. Russman refused and slammed the drawer shut. The robbers fired and fled, and the clerk was slightly wounded in the head and ear.

Later, Russman told police he wasn’t afraid because he knew the weapon was a pellet gun.

Russman said the robbers left their $10 behind. He kept it.

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