Allegheny County Jail inmate accused of raping a transgender prisoner

July 21, 2018

Taylor John Booth

An Allegheny County Jail inmate who identifies as a transgender woman has accused another inmate of sexually assaulting her while she slept in a cell, officials said.

Taylor John Booth, 21, of Pittsburgh has been charged with rape, indecent assault, unlawful restraint and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, a criminal complaint shows.

On Tuesday night, Booth was transferred into a cell that had previously been occupied by a single inmate, identified in the complaint under the pseudonym John Doe. John Doe told investigators that she identifies as transgender and is known by a female alias.

Before “lights out,” the two talked briefly about how Booth had “ended up in jail because of a domestic with his roommate,” the unidentified victim later told officials.

Court records show that Booth was arrested on May 7 on a misdemeanor charge of “prohibited acts.”

The victim said that after falling asleep on the bottom bunk, she was awakened by Booth sexually assaulting her before raping her.

The victim said she said no and cried while Booth remained “aggressive” and refused to stop.

John Doe reported the sexual assault about 1:20 p.m Wednesday and was provided medical treatment, the complaint said.

Booth initially denied the accusation. When investigators said the cell would be processed for forensic evidence, Booth “suddenly” confessed that he had, indeed, sexually assaulted the accuser, the complaint said.

Booth told police that “he hadn’t had sex in a while and was coming down from using ‘crystal meth.’”

The county police Internal Affairs Unit is investigating.

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