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New Electric Gadgets Debut at Show

January 8, 1999

LAS VEGAS (AP) _ An array of useful, entertaining or simply strange items are showing up this year the 1999 Consumer Electronics Show. Here are a few:

_Invisible Walls: Want to change the television station while you’re out of the room? Jensen is debuting a new remote control that combines radio frequency with infrared. The result: Users can operate electronic devices through walls, floors and ceilings.

_Foul Language Filter: Viewers who don’t want to hear television or videotape profanity can now install the TVGuardian, a $200 box, and get all those bad words filtered out. TVGuardian reads encoded closed-caption signals and references it against a preset dictionary to detect offensive language. If a character says something nasty, all a viewer hears is a moment of silence.

_Bad Air: A new carbon monoxide detector called the Pollumetre Air fits in a user’s pocket and can be used anywhere. Driven by a microprocessor, the cigarette-box sized device reads carbon monoxide levels in the surrounding area.

_Phone Zapper: Easy Hang Up gets rid of telephone solicitors. The credit card sized box hooks into your telephone. When an unwanted caller dials in, the user pushes a button on the $12.99 device and the caller hears this message: ``I’m sorry, this number does not accept this type of call. Please regard this message as your notification to remove this number from your list. Thank you.″

_Star Finder: The Night Navigator computer tracking system locates and identifies constellations, planets and stars. Users enter their position into the $129 navigator, which uses a digital electronic compass to establish the stargazer’s position on earth. The telephone book sized navigator then tells the user which constellations, stars and planets are within their viewing area, and shows them which way to look.

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