18 Pa. Counties Took Gifts From Vendors

February 23, 2019

The following counties reported accepting gifts from voting equipment vendors to the Department of the Auditor General.

Vendors include Election Systems & Software, Dominion Voting Systems, Electec Election Services, and Unisyn Voting Solutions:

Berks County

Vendors paid a total of $3,518.24 for travel and lodging for officials in 2018: $1,302.48 for the election director and $1,178.23 for a county commissioner (ES&S), and $1,037.53 for the same county commissioner (Unisyn).

Bucks County

Accepted meals from Electec and ES&S; accepted a promotional folding chair from current vendor Electec; accepted incline ride fare from Dominion during a conference in Pittsburgh.

Butler County

At a 2016 equipment demonstration, Dominion provided a meal and ES&S provided coffee and doughnuts; Dominion provided a fast-food lunch at a May 2018 equipment demonstration; ES&S provided lunch for eight county officials at a January 2019 equipment demonstration; various election equipment vendors drop off doughnuts and candy and other small items for the staff.

Cambria County

Attended vendor-sponsored luncheons and dinners during county election conferences.

Cameron County

At a 2016 conference in State College, attended a Dominion-sponsored dinner at a local restaurant; Dominion provided transportation to a wine tour of the area and paid entry to a private tour of a local distillery; at a 2017 conference in Harrisburg, ES&S paid for transportation to and meal at a high-end restaurant; at a 2018 conference in Pittsburgh, accepted from Dominion a meal, transportation, and tour of a museum; in September 2018, ES&S held an equipment demonstration and took board of elections and staff to lunch at a restaurant; Dominion paid for lunch at another 2018 equipment demonstration; ES&S provided boxes of chocolate-covered pretzels; ES&S sometimes provides lunch at annual conferences for those who attend its luncheon meetings.

Clearfield County

Accepted dinners and lunches from ES&S and Dominion.

Clinton County

ES&S and Dominion brought coffee and sweet rolls to system demonstrations.

Delaware County

Attended vendor-sponsored cocktail parties during county election conferences.

Elk County

Accepted lunch from ES&S on April 25, 2018, and lunch from Dominion on May 24, 2018.

Forest County

In September 2018, accepted dinner and admission to a wine festival from ES&S.

Lycoming County

Accepted occasional meals or drinks paid for by vendors at county election conference.

Luzerne County

ES&S paid costs for the elections director to travel to two advisory board meetings: March 2017 ($1,243.03) and August 2017 ($1,249.74).



Accepted a lunch from ES&S in November 2018.

Potter County

Accepted dinners sponsored by Dominion at conferences held from 2013 through 2018.

Warren County

At the annual election officials conference, a company associated with ES&S provides a hospitality room; vendors covered a cash bar and entertainment at a 2018 conference; Dominion and ES&S have taken conference attendees to dinner one night each year since 2013; Dominion and ES&S gave presentations with coffee and doughnuts; ES&S has sent a representative to deliver items like chocolate-covered pretzels on two occasions; at a 2017 conference, ES&S paid for some elections officials to go to an amusement park, which included entrance fee, lunch and the creation of their own candy bar.

Washington County

Attended voting equipment demonstrations by Dominion and ES&S in summer 2016, lunch was provided and county reimbursed attendees for mileage; attended summer 2018 voting equipment demonstrations, lunch provided by ES&S.

Westmoreland County

In 2018, Dominion and ES&S sent catered lunches to the election bureau; ES&S took bureau director and deputy director to dinner in 2018; bureau director and her husband accepted ES&S invitation to attend a wine festival in September; Dominion and ES&S have also provided occasional boxes of doughnuts to the commissioners’ suite and the elections bureau.

York County

ES&S bought lunch for two members of the election department in 2017 and 2018; Dominion provided bagels and coffee for a meeting in October 2018.