Military exercises over Pittsburgh to conclude Thursday

August 6, 2018

A helicopter flies over Pittsburgh Monday, July 30, 2018.

Military training exercises that have included low-flying helicopters over Pittsburgh this week will end Thursday, two days earlier than had been announced, the City of Pittsburgh announced Wednesday.

The Department of Defense has been conducting the training, often at night, with local and federal law enforcement. Neither the department nor the city has released any details of the training, but have said the exercises are not in response to any current events.

The City announced July 20 the exercises would run from July 23 through Aug. 4.

Public safety officials have received comments and questions from residents, “most of which have been overwhelmingly positive and supportive,” while some came from “concerned residents who were alarmed by the exercises, either because they were unaware of them occurring here or because their homes are in close proximity to certain training areas,” according to the release.

Helicopters and planes have flown over Pittsburgh in past years as part of various exercises and photo shoots.

“I’d like to thank the public for their understanding and support,” Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich said in the release. “This is a collaborative effort between us and the D.O.D. We understand the training for the most part this week is taking place at night and that is an inconvenience to some, not only in the city but in the suburbs. But I want to emphasize our thanks to the public.”

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