Support our youth and enjoy great music

April 13, 2019

I had the great pleasure of attending the Santa Fe Youth Symphony’s 25th anniversary benefit concert at the Lensic Performing Arts Center, Music for Everyone. It was delightful. In addition to the four orchestras from elementary school to high school, there were several ensembles, including mariachi, jazz and chamber. The Santa Fe Youth Symphony Association also sponsors string instruction in after-school programs beginning in the second grade in several Santa Fe public elementary schools.

There is not enough opportunity for our children to have such musical experiences. Through the support of this nonprofit, so many benefits and financial aid are offered, including use of the instruments. They have upcoming performances, including one April 28 at the St. Francis Auditorium. Don’t miss the opportunity to support the youth in our community and enjoy great music. For more information, go to www.sfysa.org.

Alana McGrattan

former teacher/librarian

Santa Fe

Speeding crisis in town

Bringing back the speed vans is not going to help with the crisis of speeders who constantly run red lights (“Seeking safer streets,” April 7). Once drivers see the SUVs parked, they slow down for a few yards and then speed up again after passing it. That’s why it’s good the vans are on hold. It’s when cars and trucks get to the traffic signal intersections that the danger lies. Three friends of mine, including the owner of Santa Fe Harley-Davidson, were all crashed into at intersections while on their motorcycles by drivers who ran red lights. One of them — Jerry Hicks — died, and the others suffered severe and lifelong injuries, as well as expensive hospital and rehabilitation bills.

Speed vans are not the solution to addressing and fixing Santa Fe’s real traffic problems. Just ask the victims and families.

Richard Duran

Santa Fe

Tip of the hat

If you weren’t there Monday evening, April 8, you really missed it — Railroad Earth at Meow Wolf. Like the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in miniature, it was a great mix of young and old, all having a blast. A tip of the hat to Meow Wolf and the band for an extraordinary show.

Steve Saylor

Santa Fe

Twice-great treatment

I recently returned home after two unrelated but successful surgeries. I enjoyed relating to friends the fabulous service provided to me by the entire staff at Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center, especially when most of them assumed I must have gone out of state.

My wife and I were treated with total compassion and professionalism; there was dialogue concerning the procedures, expectations — and warmth. Christus St. Vincent is a wonderful asset right in our own backyard.

Tom Dalbey

Santa Fe

Rinse your recyclables

Did you know that a lot of our recyclables are rejected by China because they are not clean enough for them to use? The reasons were given on a program my son watched on TV the other night. A reason for rejection is our plastic containers are not emptied properly and still have product in them — like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc.

Before putting plastic containers in the recycle bin, rinse them to clean them. One unclean item in the recycle truck will condemn the entire load. Maybe we need to do a better job of telling people how to recycle — not just here, but across the entire U.S. Then, perhaps China would reconsider accepting our recyclables.

Darlene Muniz

Santa Fe