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Names In The Game

August 28, 1990

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) _ Six Macalester College football players got an unexpected workout and wound up nailing two men suspected of breaking into a hardware store’s safe.

The players were leaving a pizza place when they heard the nearby store had been ripped off.

Richard Rhodes, a defensive linebacker, said a couple of his defensive unit teammates, Dan Kleiner and Eric Johnson, plus a three players from the offense, Shannon Whitworth, Scott Sheehy and A.J. Dumoulin, were on the sidewalk as the two suspects were coming by.

″They tried to run through us,″ Kleiner said.

Rhodes tripped one of them, sending him tumbling into a brick pillar. When the man got up and started to flee, Whitworth could see he was not armed.

″We all took after them,″ Whitworth said.

The players lost the suspects for a few moments, then spotted them about six blocks away.

″Then the one I tripped, I yelled at him ‘Get down 3/8’ And he laid down and I put his hands behind his back,″ Rhodes said.

The other players went after the second man but again lost him. Police were putting handcuffs on Rhodes’ prisoner when the second suspect was seen peering around a corner and another brief, successful pursuit began.

The players said police discovered a wad of bills in one of the men’s pockets.

Charges were pending against the suspects, one 25 and the other 28.


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) - Neil McRae Whitefield is a happy collector again. He has his cherished Babe Ruth-autographed baseball back.

Scott Hasemeier tried to unload the ball at Bud’s Baseball Cards, police said, and that was a mistake.

The shop’s owners recognized the baseball as belonging to Whitefield, whose home was burglarized on Aug. 17. It is valued at about $6,000.

Hasemeier, 30, claimed he got the ball in a trade - for crack cocaine, police say.

Hasemeier was charged with possessing and dealing stolen property.


MIAMI (AP) - Miami Dolphins reserve safety Liffort Hobley, whose 5-year-old daughter drowned in a swimming pool accident last Thursday, rejoined the NFL team Tuesday.

″I wouldn’t have done myself any more good sitting at home grieving,″ Hobley said. ″I’ll be grieving for the rest of my life. But I have a job to do.″


ADELAIDE, Australia (AP) - Having a famous name hasn’t made life any easier for Formula One rookie driver David Brabham.

Brabham, one of three racing sons of three-time world champion Sir Jack Brabham, has struggled throughout his first season of Grand Prix competition.

Driving for the team founded by and named after his father, Brabham has been trying to adapt to Formula One after being promoted from Formula III racing in Europe.

The Australian has yet to earn any world championship points, but he hopes eventually to follow in the footsteps of his father, who won the Formula One world title in 1959, 1960 and 1966.

Brabham, who is on a one-year contract, said he hoped to re-sign with the next year. His father no longer is officially involved with the team, but offers advice to David and his brother Geoff and Gary, both of whom race in the United States.


WASHINGTON (AP) - Joe Falcon, the world’s fastest miler this year, will miss the remainder of the track season because of a tear in the sheath of his left Achilles’ tendon.

Falcon was injured Aug. 10 at a meet in Brussels, Belgium, where he was accidentally spiked in the back of his left foot during a 1,500-meter race. He completed the race, but later was diagnosed as having suffered a bruise.

There was no direct damage to the tendons or ligaments, but two weeks later, Falcon’s foot was placed in a soft cast for three to six weeks.

″Joe’s injury may have been avoided if the start line in Brussels had not been crowded with 20 runners,″ Brad Hunt, Falcon’s representative at Advantage International, said. ″International championship rules specify that no more than 12 runners should be on the starting line in the 1,500.″

Falcon, winner of 10 races this year, including the Dream Mile at Oslo, Norway, where he was timed in 3 minutes, 49.31 seconds - the year’s fastest - had been scheduled to compete in the IAAF Grand Prix final at Athens Sept. 7, the Tokyo Super Meeting Sept. 15 and the Mercedes Mile on Fifth Avenue Sept. 22.

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