NEW YORK (AP) _ The story of exploitation and heartbreak just wasn't enough. ``Side Show,'' the Broadway musical about real-life Siamese twins, is closing early after a 3 1/2 month run.

The musical, to be performed for the last time on Jan. 3, is closing with a $7 million loss for its investors, producer Emanuel Azenberg said Monday.

The play got favorable reviews but failed to catch on with audiences despite a $2 million budget for advertising and promotion.

The show chronicled the suffering and hope of twins Daily and Violet Hilton, who were attached at the hip. Most nights the show played to a half-empty house at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, the New York Post reported.

Azenberg said he received favorable feedback and could not speculate as to whether the subject matter was too sensitive for the musical to be a box office success.

``We would get standing ovations,'' he said. ``Now 150 people are literally going to be out of work in two weeks. They deserve better.''

Azenberg, who also produced ``Proposals,'' Neil Simon's new play, told The Associated Press that ``Side Show'' could find a place in London's West End.