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Calling All Guardian Angels: It’s Convention Time

June 12, 1993

EAST FALMOUTH, Mass. (AP) _ To K. Martin-Kuri, guardian angels aren’t chubby babies with wings. They don’t play harps. They aren’t your dead relatives.

You have one, she believes. We all do. For life.

Martin-Kuri calls herself an ″angelologist.″ She has spent 25 years studying and teaching others how to get in touch with guardian angels. And this weekend, she said, at least 200 angel-seekers will join her in Cambridge for the Second American Conference of Angels.

Martin-Kuri leads the conference, which runs through Sunday. Participants pay $300 for seminars and workshops on connecting with guardian angels.

She said guardian angels won’t take you to heaven, but they can make life below a little easier.

″It’s as if walking on the road the stones will still be there, but now you have a pair of satin slippers,″ Martin-Kuri said.

Angels are an emerging self-help phenomenon. A Barnes & Noble bookstore in Boston carries at least 15 inspirational books about angels, including ″Answers From the Angels,″ ″Angel Letters″ and ″The Angel Book.″

Martin-Kuri, however, spurns any association with the self-help genre and the New Age. They’re trendy and materialistic, she said.

Angels are non-denominational, transcend the material and are old as the universe, Martin-Kuri said.

Her field, ″angelology,″ is recognized and defined largely by angelologists themselves. Martin-Kuri said she qualifies because of years of researching the color theory, theology, philosophy, painting and music for any and all connections with the angels.

Martin-Kuri doesn’t want people to imagine her a flake. She gets unwanted calls from people who accuse her of worshiping angels instead of God and sci- fi fans who want to communicate with UFOs.

So Martin-Kuri is guarded, letting the heavens inform her decisions on Earth. For example, she consented to an interview primarily because she, instead of her assistant, happened to answer the phone. That, she said, was a sign from her angel.

Or angels. Martin-Kuri said she has several.

People who work closely with their guardian angel get more, she said. Martin-Kuri, 47, said she has ″a group,″ the result of being aware of angels since infancy.

Fanny H. Levin, 38, a poet and lyricist from the City of Angels - Los Angeles - attended the convention Friday and said she became aware of angels two years ago.

″I’m here out of need for spiritual growth and awareness not only to myself but to the planet,″ she said. ″This gathering is sort of a nucleus, if you will, of light from the heavens.″

Martin-Kuri said she first saw her guardian angel, complete with halo, hovering over her crib. In the first grade, she said she had her seminal angelic experience: She was walking across a lawn when she sensed the heavens open up behind her. She said she turned and saw a host of angels.

Connecting with angels is Martin-Kuri’s business. She supports herself by lecturing and by doing commissioned paintings of people’s guardian angels, as she sees them.

In a study off her living room, the phone rings frequently with calls to her free ″comfort″ line, which she started last year for people to share angelic experiences and get information.

Martin-Kuri said angels communicate through dreams. She gives this tip: Before going to sleep, ask your guardian angel to connect with the guardian angel of someone else. Through dreams, the angels will establish harmony between the two of you.

″What if we had a global summit and everyone did this the night before,″ Martin-Kuri said. ″Because guardian angels don’t fight. They all work for the same thing.″

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