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Laila Ali Defeats Jacqui Frazier-Lyde

June 9, 2001

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VERONA, N.Y. (AP) _ Laila Ali scored a majority decision over Jacqui Frazier-Lyde on Friday night as the daughters of two of boxing’s greats slugged it out for eight rounds at Turning Stone Casino.

Only Joe Frazier was at ringside _ Muhammad Ali had a prior commitment _ and he watched his oldest daughter fight a game fight.

This was easily the toughest bout either fighter had had in their brief careers. And it was fought at a fierce pace, with both women slugging it out in the middle of the ring almost incessantly.

Frazier-Lyde stormed after Ali in the first round, intent on scoring a knockout. But Ali withstood the barrage and countered with several shots to Frazier-Lyde’s head.

The second round produced more of the same, and it ended with both slamming each other toe-to-toe.

In the third, Ali stunned Frazier-Lyde with two hard lefts to the head, knocked out her mouthpiece and finished the round with a six-punch combination that staggered Frazier-Lyde some more.

But even though Frazier-Lyde, 16 years younger, appeared winded at the end of each round, she answered the bell every time with enthusiasm.

In the fourth, Ali landed a series of rights to Frazier-Lyde’s head near the end of the round and in the fifth began dancing like her father. She even stopped and stared for a few seconds at her tiring foe, then landed a good left with 30 seconds left as she began taking control.

The sixth and seventh rounds were just about even, and Frazier-Lyde, her left eye swollen, tried gamely for a knockout in the eighth and final round, even wobbling Ali briefly with a hard left hand.

When the decision was announced, Joe Frazier entered the ring and hugged his daughter.

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