First-graders get creative with Art Nook outreach program

October 13, 2018

First-graders at Byrd Elementary School enjoyed a special art class taught by Art Nook School & Studio owner Cindra McCoy on Friday morning.

During the session, children drew bats and talked about what costumes they would be wearing for Halloween. They colored with chalk and pastels, and blended the colors using Q-tips, cotton balls and special erasers.

″(I liked it) cause it was purple,” Summer Savage said about her bat. “I liked using the eraser. I’m going to be a lion (for Halloween).”

Many of the children were drawing with these kinds of tools for the first time.

“One of the kids was like, ‘I never knew I could draw like this,’ and I was just like, that is the reason we do what we do at Art Nook or wherever we go,” McCoy said.

McCoy said Art Nook has done outreach programs since its establishment two and a half years ago.

“I just wanted to come and bring more art experiences to the school,” McCoy said. “I’m a big believer in them having different types of art experiences… I like to bring in a different way for the kids to learn and have fun.”

Jodia Lintner, the class’ teacher, said she asked McCoy to make the art lesson reflect what the students are learning in science.

“I asked her to teach about nocturnal animals such as bats, so she made the project about bats,” Lintner said.

Lintner hopes special events like the outreach will encourage the children to explore their artistic abilities and express creativity.

Art Nook School & Studio is located at 601 Silver Bluff Road. To learn more about the company, including classes, camps and upcoming events, visit artnookaiken.com, email art@nookaiken.com or call 803-760-7710.

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