LONDON (AP) _ Ronnie Biggs, the ailing former fugitive serving a prison sentence for Britain's ``Great Train Robbery,'' was in a hospital Sunday for the fourth time since his arrest in May, his family said.

Biggs, who was arrested when he returned to England after three decades on the run, was taken Friday from London's top-security Belmarsh prison to the nearby Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

A hospital spokesman described his condition as stable and said he was comfortable. A spokeswoman for Biggs' family said relatives feared his condition was deteriorating after months in prison.

His family said he was hospitalized after vomiting blood.

Biggs underwent treatment for internal bleeding at the same hospital in September and had an emergency blood transfusion there in August. He was also hospitalized for a week in June after suffering a suspected stroke.

Biggs, 72, was sentenced to 30 years in jail for his part in the now-infamous 1963 holdup of a mail train. He escaped from prison in 1965, fled abroad and eventually settled in Brazil.

Frail and barely able to speak after three strokes, Biggs returned to Britain in May and was immediately arrested and jailed to complete the 28 years remaining on his sentence.