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Report: Barry Paved Way for Rasheeda Moore’s No-Bid Contract

January 28, 1990

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Mayor Marion Barry personally urged Hazel Diane ″Rasheeda″ Moore in 1986 to seek city funding for a no-bid contract to teach self-esteem training to inner city youths, according to a published report Sunday.

Moore’s former business partner, Carole Bland Jackson, was quoted by The Washington Post as saying Barry came up with the idea at a Friday night party in June 1986. Jackson said she drew up the $52,488 ″Project Me″ program within a day and it was approved the following Monday. Jackson later became director of the project.

At the time, Jackson and others said, Barry was seeking a sexual relationship with Moore.

Moore is the woman who allegedly lured Barry to a downtown Washington hotel on Jan. 18, where the mayor was subsequently arrested and charged with possession of cocaine. Barry is currently in West Palm Beach, Fla., where he is undergoing treatment for chemical dependency.

Jackson said she and Moore approached Barry at the 1986 party and asked him to emcee a fashion show. The mayor declined, but asked the women to come up with a program to supplement his summer youth program.

After Jackson devised the ″Project Me″ program, she said Barry ″basically told people″ at the Department of Employment Services that they should give Moore whatever was needed for the program.

″I learned later that there’s a process for getting the money and ours was pushed through,″ Jackson said.

Jackson said she eventually quit the program following a dispute with Moore.

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