City Police Investigating Incident Where Car, People Were Sprayed With Tar

August 29, 2018

Scranton police are investigating after a group of friends claim a man sprayed them with tar after an early Sunday morning confrontation downtown. The group was at Levels, a bar in downtown Scranton. After it closed, they gathered on the 200 block of North Washington Avenue. They were talking together when a man they didn’t know approached them. A confrontation ensued. Nick Thompson, a member of the group, said he didn’t hear exactly what the man was saying initially, only that he wasn’t making much sense, and they told him to keep walking. Others believe the man was angry at them because he was in the background of a video they were taking, The Associated Press reported. The man continued along, but said several times he’d be back. Some of the group got in Thompson’s truck when the man returned in a pickup about 15 minutes later. He pulled up beside them and started spraying Thompson’s truck with tar. He looked right at them and laughed as the truck spewed the black liquid before he drove off, witnesses said. “It dumped gallons and gallons all over my truck and myself,” Thompson said. The liquid covered his vehicle, even flowed inside, and covered him, Thompson said. He suffered burns on his arm, but will be OK. He’s waiting to meet with an insurance appraiser, but figures his truck is probably totaled. He’s thankful none of the tar got in his eyes. “It could have been a lot worse,” Thompson said. Police have identified a person of interest related to the incident, but declined to identify him, police Lt. Marty Crofton said. Victims said while in communication with detectives, they learned the man owns a sealcoating business and is claiming the incident was accidental and caused by a malfunction on his truck. Thompson said he thinks what happened was definitely intentional. “It seems like a strange coincidence that the only place it would malfunction is where we were,” Thompson said. Contact the writer: cover@timesshamrock.com; 570-348-9100 x5363; @ClaytonOver on Twitter

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