Need to dispose of a TV in Goshen County? Conservation districts hold waste collection event

October 11, 2018

TORRINGTON — Old chemicals and electronics can be safely disposed of at the Hazardous Household and Agricultural Waste Collection Day at the Goshen County Weed and Pest parking lot on Oct. 13.

Goshen County residents are encouraged to bring their old or expired chemicals, electronics and medications to the dump for proper disposal. While the dump does not accept commercial waste, Denise Lucero, an education coordinator for the Goshen County Conservation Districts, said the conservation districts plan to work toward a solution in the future.

The conservation districts gather donation money to hold the event and pay for the companies that will dispose of the various chemicals. Chemists are also on-site to test and determine unknown chemicals. If the scientists cannot determine what the chemical is in a given container, Lucero said disposal costs become too expensive.

“We need people to tell us what is in their containers,” Lucero said. “If it’s something even they don’t have the ability to dispose of, then we have to turn it away.”

The dump covers pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, household cleaning products, aerosol sprays, lead- and oil-based paints, oil and gas, among other chemicals.

“If it’s a fluid, it has the potential to contaminate anything in its surroundings,” Lucero said. “We don’t want that being poured out in someone’s grass or being thrown into a trashcan.”

The dump also brings in a company to take in electronic waste: small and large appliances, both flatscreen and CRT televisions and monitors, and batteries. Some appliances — CRT screens and refrigerators — will have an accompanying cost.

Lucero said the chemicals and electronics serve as a safety hazard for the area’s groundwater. By properly disposing of them, the county’s water source can be preserved and maintained.

“You can’t make new water and we want to make sure the water we have is always protected,” she said.

The collection will run from 9 a.m. to noon. Goshen County residents with questions about what can and cannot be collected can contact the conservation district at 307-532-4880, extension 101.

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