To shop or not to shop? Long lines fill Cary stores on Christmas Eve

December 24, 2018

If you still have presents to buy, you’re not alone.

The National Retail Federation says about 7 percent of people will be out on Christmas Eve getting those last minute gifts. Most major retailers are opening early Monday and closing by dinnertime, but there are a few exceptions.

Kohl’s, located off Walnut Street in Cary, for example, has been open all night. The store, which keeps its doors unlocked 24 hours right before Christmas, has been open for more than 170 hours straight.

Managers told WRAL News they have had six or seven customers since 1 a.m. Jeff Pollard, a manager at the store, said the Cary Kohl’s is planning for another huge shopping day. “We’ve had very big days here lately -- it’s been good,” he said. “We have a lot of great sales going on.”

The most popular item on shelves this Christmas? Air fryers. “It’s just one of those things -- every year there is something that is popular,” said Pollard.

At Cary’s Honey Baked Ham store, staffers told WRAL News that people began lining up to claim their holiday hams starting at 6 a.m. The line will snake around the corner later Monday morning.

The store has 3,000 hams ready to meet the Christmas demand.

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