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Actor Sues To Get Back His Dog

August 21, 1998

NEW YORK (AP) _ Actor Daniel Levine is suing to get his best friend back.

Levine, 25, has filed a $1 million lawsuit in state Supreme Court in Manhattan in a bid to recover custody of Sidney the mutt from neighbor Michaela Hewett.

Levine left the animal with Ms. Hewett in January, when he joined a touring Broadway show. He returned to New York, but Ms. Hewett refused to part with the pooch.

According to court papers, Levine _ who’s appeared on the ABC soap opera ``General Hospital″ as well as the ``Chicago″ road production _ gave Ms. Hewell a 29-point list of how to care for the pet, including the instruction: ``You are not allowed to tell anyone he is your dog.″

Eric Feinberg, Ms. Hewett’s lawyer, said Levine was neglectful and it would be cruel to return the dog to the actor.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, said the loss of the dog caused the actor emotional distress as well as nausea and diarrhea.