McNally is best for Cambridge president -- Mary Gjermo

March 28, 2019

Both candidates for Cambridge village president are intelligent and capable professionals, and I have voted for each of them in the past. In the current race I am supporting Mark McNally.

While we don’t always agree on national politics, I believe his personal qualities make him the right fit to preside over the village board. He has demonstrated the ability to listen to fellow board members, constituents and staff, and he is respectful when disagreeing about issues.

McNally’s training as a certified public accountant makes him a valuable asset to the village board, especially in difficult budget times. The fact that McNally works in Cambridge has allowed him to get to know downtown business owners and residents, and it will make him readily accessible for urgent village business. In his current term on the board he has volunteered countless hours helping staff with accounting functions. Electing McNally as village president will signify a change in leadership and direction in village government.

I also encourage voters to re-elect Ted Kumbier and Kris Breunig to the village board. Kumbier is a steady, stable force on the board and provides much technical knowledge. Breunig, too, emphasizes planning, prioritizing, and calculating financial impacts.

Mary Gjermo, Cambridge