Poem: And now

January 1, 2019

And now

Donna Bussell

She sits so primly in her place

With a great big smile

On her face

She will say,

How can I help you today?

You tell her

And she says.

Oh, that’s easy.

She does so much

She keeps the mayor’s calendar

And keeps him right on time

She makes his reservations

Finds him accommodations

Runs the office

whether he’s here or gone

And runs it perfectly

As she carries on

They’ve been the perfect pair

And we are lucky they’ve both been there

Now there will be major change

And both will be retired

Those shoes will be hard to fill

But we’ll Remember the legacy

And you both will be treasured and admired.

Thank you both for years of friendship

And public service.

May you have many more

In which

To enjoy the calm

Without scheduling or stress.

God bless.

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