United Way raised almost $20 million in 2018 campaign, officials say

March 28, 2019

The 2018 United Way campaign in Dane County was very successful, with close to $20 million being invested this year in over 140 programs, topping the campaign goal of $18.85 million.

United Way of Dane County released figures on Wednesday showing where the $19,526,101 raised in the campaign will be spent, including $15.4 million for the Agenda for Change and $4.1 million for United Way’s own programs and money distributed to umbrella federations.

“It’s inspiring, and even somewhat amazing, to see how our community comes through to invest in our neighbors,” said campaign chair Corey Chambas.

The investments into the community this year include $2.1 million to reduce family homelessness, $2.2 million to help students succeed in school, graduate from high school and get prepared for higher education, a career and life in the community, and $1.5 million to get people out of poverty.

Child-centered programs getting financial assistance from the United Way include:

$464,000 invested in expanding the FACE-Kids and the Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools programs, which provide therapist-led school-based group services to Dane County children and youth with a wide range of behavioral health needs.$453,400 to support Early Childhood Zones, a public-private partnership in school to give support to families with young children by providing services to adults to improve their home life.$165,000 to implement a child care pilot program for families enrolled in the Early Childhood Zones, so parents getting jobs can afford to get child care.

“United Way mobilizes the caring power of our community to create measurable change,” said United Way President and CEO Renee Moe.

“We are incredibly grateful to our community’s Champions for Change, including all donors non-profit agencies and businesses, who partner with United Way.”