LONDON (AP) _ The J. Paul Getty Museum paid a record $7.4 million Wednesday for an oil painting of a bullfight by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya, Sotheby's auctioneers said.

Sotheby's spokesman Nigel Semmens said the previous high price for a Goya was set in Madrid in 1989, when a painting of witches sold for $445,000.

''Bullfight Suerte de Varas,'' sold Wednesday, was painted for Goya's friend Joacquin Maria de Ferrer in Paris in 1824, four years before the artist's death.

The auction house said it was sold by a descendant of De Ferrer's, the Marquesa de la Gandara, and was bought for the Malibu, Calif., museum by a bidder in the room, Semmens said.

The 19-by-23-inch painting has been exhibited only occasionally, Sotheby's said. It shows a bull that has gored two horses eyeing a picador on another horse, while a huddle of matadors looks on.

12-09-92 1221EST