William H. Kiley: An open letter to Kelli Ward

August 31, 2018


This is an open letter to Kelli Ward. I am a registered, voting Republican. You and I have had our disagreements, (chickens in back yards; your disdain for local control; your lack of understanding of the U.S. Export-Import Bank, and just going along as a follower instead of wanting to educate yourself on that and some other issues). But your comments about Sen. John McCain really do take the cake! How terribly desperate and childish your remarks make you sound. All I can say is, it’s too late to acquire some class, Kelli. And, you certainly did not get my vote, nor those of any of my group of Republican golfing buddies. We’re done with you. How dare you question the integrity and honor of my fellow veteran! You show yourself to be a shallow, self-serving snake. No wonder you are so enamored with your hero, President draft-dodger.

William H. Kiley

Lake Havasu City

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