Construction moves forward on David City streets

August 10, 2018

Progress with the downtown David City paving project continues to be made with the completion of concrete paving in the parking areas located at Fifth Street and between C and D streets, according to information provided by project contractor LEO A DALY.

With completion of this project segment, the salvaged brick northbound driving lane is now the only remaining area needing work completed to finish this portion of block.

The sub-base for this area of brick has been switched to a 6-inch concrete sub-base and has been poured. The concrete sub-base for the east half of the intersection on Fifth and D streets have also been poured. All additional brick areas will now have this same 6-inch concrete sub-base, released information from the contractor says.

The goal of adjusting the sub-base depth is to expedite the installation process resulting in the area opening more rapidly than previously intended.

Some correctional work, however, is still happening in the area.

“There will be additional brick work to correct some area on both Fifth Street and D Street, but these will be done at a later time to keep construction moving ahead on the rest of the project,” the contractor said, through a released statement.

Sidewalk work continues moving in a positive direction on Fifth Street between C and D streets and will be open for foot traffic in upcoming weeks. Light pole bases have also been installed on this section of city block and are waiting for the concrete work to be completed before the new LED light poles can be installed.

In addition, construction on area stoops is also nearing completion on this block with only the hand railings remaining to be installed.

Released information shows that construction crews are continuing to tackle work on Fifth Street from D to E streets. Concrete paving on the west side of the block is nearing completion, and the brick driving lane installed will soon be completed, resulting in that side of the block once again allowing traffic to flow through, released information says.

Other construction work includes utility crews extending a storm sewer main and a sanitary sewer main eastward on D Street to the alley due west of the David City Volunteer Fire Department. Following completion, released information says that crews have started concrete work on this block.

Crews have completed the westbound driving lane and the south parking area leading to the alleyway with plans to complete the center parking areas shortly. The block comprising D Street, east of Fifth Street, will be all concrete and will be completed and open to traffic before the east half of the block is removed entirely for reconstruction.

This is being done in an effort to ensure the Volunteer Fire Department has access to its building, released information states.

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