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Taiwan Urged To Be Wary of China

January 8, 2000

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) _ By 2010, China will have the capability to lob enough ballistic and cruise missiles against Taiwan to paralyze the island’s defenses in a single attack, a senior security adviser warned today.

China could deploy some 900 M-9 missiles and a large number of cruise and M-11 ballistic missiles near its eastern coasts facing Taiwan by that time, said Chen Bi-jaw, an adviser of the National Security Council.

The missiles could strike Taiwan’s war command centers, as well as missile, sea and air bases, allowing China to gain control of the island’s air space and sea lanes without giving Taiwanese forces a chance to fight back, he said at a seminar on national defense.

The Taiwanese military has striven to boost its defense budgets, warning that China could gain air superiority over Taiwan by 2005 with its aggressive arms buildup.

Chen told reporters the United States has agreed to sell Taiwan four Aegis guided-missile destroyers, which could provide launch platforms to intercept incoming Chinese missiles.

The military has refused to confirm newspaper reports of the planned sales of the destroyers, priced at about $800 million each.

Taiwan and China split amid a civil war in 1949. China has insisted to reunify with Taiwan, by force if necessary.

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