New Year’s Resolutions For Pets, People

December 29, 2018

Last year, I wrote about New Year’s resolutions for pet parents. And I have been thinking, if my pets could do a list of their New Year’s resolutions, what would they write? So I will have some fun with this and write their lists for them. As we all know, most New Year’s resolutions are often broken! But let’s give it a go. Smudge: 1. I will not eat poop. (eeewww) 2. I will stop sneaking my toys out into the yard and making Mom retrieve the soggy toy in the rain. 3. I will try to refrain from chasing my baby brother all over the yard and give him time to do his business. Swayze: 1. I will stop treating my Mom’s shoes like my personal chew toys. 2. I will try to better control myself and not scream when Mom is feeding the cats. 3. I will listen to Mom about coming when she calls me. Mojo. the tuxedo cat: 1. I will stop jumping on the counter! 2. I will stop hiding under the kitchen sink, then jumping out and scaring the gajeebies out of Mom! 3. I will try to better control my impulse, and great ability, to open doors. Mink, the exotic: 1. I will try to improve making the mark in my litter box. 2. I will be a better bro and stop bullying Monty. 3. I will not sneeze all over the water bottle Mom leaves on the end table by the recliner. Monty, the brown tabby: 1. I will stop clawing Mom’s leg when she is dishing out my food. 2. I will try to control my vocalization when I am hungry (which is often/always). 3. I will try to stop biting Mom’s hand when she is picking up/putting down my food bowl (hey, I am hyperthyroid!). Kiwi, the lovebird: 1. I will stop biting the hand that feeds me. 2. I will try to refrain from putting my millet in my drinking water. 3. I will stop bathing in it the minute Mom gives me fresh drinking water. Well, that was fun. Why don’t you give it a go and make a list of New Year’s resolutions for your pets? Of course, all of these quirks are what endears them to us even more. After all, without some mischief and misbehavior, life could be pretty boring. And I speak from personal experience, being a senior and still creating trouble and havoc! The name game Now, onto names. Choosing a name for your pet can be challenging. There are many preferences. Some people like human names for their pets. I was once like that, but over the years, my names have become more creative and non-human (as in Smudge). Many names are chosen to match the pet’s behavior/personal characteristics or physical appearance — as in Kiwi. He came to me with that name, he knew it and it stuck. Kiwi has some green coloring on his body. My first cat was named Kitty. Now that was original. But it gets worse. I also had Kitty 2 and Kitty 3. Smudge is black, but he is not named because of his color. “Smudging” is a Native American tradition where they burn white sage to get rid of negative energy. And, when Smudge is present, he removes all negativity with his sweetness and positive energy. Hence the name. Swayze, well ... I am a BIG fan of the movie “Dirty Dancing” and the very good-looking and talented actor/dancer Patrick Swayze, may he rest in peace. I have also done canine musical freestyle, dancing with your dog. So what better name to let the memory of Patrick Swayze live on? By the way, Swayze’s AKC registered name is MoonShadow’s Dirty Dancing! Mojo, the tuxedo cat, it is all about his “mojo”, the energy he brings into the house. Monty — named because as a kitten he would lie on my chest, and then turn and stick his butt into my face, giving me “the full Monty.” And Mink, the Exotic. He is short in stature with mega fur. So soft, although he is white and not brown, I still opted to name him Mink because of his luxurious coat. My former Aussie Ty’s registered name was “Legacy’s Ty Dyed Pride” because his beautiful blue merle coloring gave the illusion of being tie dyed. And Whitney was so named because I first met my girl in Whitney Point, New York, and thought that name was very pretty. Her registered name was “Cairnacre’s Firecracker” and boy did that fit! Have fun when naming your pets. Use your imagination and be creative. One of my favorite names was by a man who had a pet pot-bellied pig. I must stress that this pig is VERY loved. The pig’s name? Chris P. Bacon. I wish you and family, both human and furkids, a very healthy and happy New Year. Be kind to animals, and humans, too. Be patient, tolerant, and forgiving. See you in 2019. Oh, I just want to add that Smudge did an act of kindness in 2018. Smudge has somewhat regressed since Swayze’s arrival. The other morning when I was in the shower, Smudge took one of my good shoes and was munching on it. Apparently, baby brother Swayze was fretting that he did not have a shoe, so Smudge removed the in-sole and gave it to Swayze, which he promptly shredded. It looked like spaghetti. Well, I have told Smudge to share with his baby brother! Dog bless. Judy Endo writes about pets. Contact her at judyendo@outlook.com.

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