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L.A. Fans Get Wild; Mets Fans Sorrowful

October 13, 1988

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Normally restrained Dodger fans, many of them bedecked in blue, grew hoarse after hours of cheering to celebrate their team’s 6-0 trouncing of the New York Mets for baseball’s National League pennant.

By the fifth inning Wednesday, fans began pacing the aisles screaming hoots of victory and the stadium cut off beer sales about the time starting pitcher Orel Hershiser struck out New York slugger Darryl Strawberry to end the inning.

Some fans shouted at a beer salesman who shrugged his shoulders and said ″There were incidents. They didn’t want anyone getting drunk. I think you should write a letter.″ Then he walked away.

Thousands at Dodger Stadium stood and howled ″Darryl, Darryl.″ They were joined in the chant by 250 people at Legends bar in Long Beach and aficionados at Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda’s restaurant and bar in Pasadena.

″They’re going wild. They’re going crazy jumping on the furniture. It’s like an extension of Dodger Stadium,″ Legends owner Gene Rotondo said.

By contrast, the New York Stage Deli in Century City was nearly empty and Mets fans at Apple’s Bar in Santa Monica were quiet after the third inning.

″Whattaya think the mood is?″ said Apple’s manager Stuart Davis, 29. ″Of the 200 people here I say there was 80 percent Dodger fans, 20 percent Mets. They got quiet. Most of them stayed. A lot of them are still here drowning their sorrows.″

The Sports Deli in Century City sported about 100 people, only two of whom claimed to be Mets fans.

One of them, a futures trader from Chicago who only identified himself as Phil, said, ″I understand the loss. I’m from a town of losers. I’ve been disappointed so many times.″

He said his friend, whom he’d only identify as Don of New York City, became sullen.

″He was depressed,″ Phil said. ″He talked of suicide, just kidding of course. Then he had to leave the bar because he was embarrassed.″

The Dodgers’ victory set up a cross-state World Series matchup with the Oakland Athletics.

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