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Prosecutors Will Ask Soviets For Evidence in War Crimes Case

October 31, 1988

DORTMUND, West Germany (AP) _ Nazi war crimes investigators will ask the Soviet Union for evidence against Boleslav Maikovskis, a former U.S. resident accused of killing Latvian women and children during World War II, a prosecutor said Monday.

″We are finishing the translation of the request now″ to the Soviet Union to provide any evidence it has against Maikovskis, Dortmund prosecutor Klaus Schacht told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

Soviet officials have previously indicated a willingness to assist the West German investigation.

Maikovskis, 84, was arrested Oct. 19 in Muenster, where he had been living while awaiting a decision on a request for asylum in West Germany.

Schacht, who works out of the Dortmund prosecutor’s war crimes office, said Maikovskis is being held in the hospital wing of a prison in Bochum.

In 1965, the Soviet Union sentenced Maikovskis to death in absentia for his alleged role in burning down a village and helping murder civilians as a pro- Nazi police commander in his native Latvia.

Maikovskis is suspected of being involved in police actions that resulted in the deaths of at least 130 men, women and children in the Latvian village of Audrine.

After his arrest in West Germany, Soviet officials said they were considering asking for Maikovskis’ extradition.

A spokesman for the West German Foreign Ministry, Reinhard Bettzuege, said Monday that so far no extradition request had been received.

Schacht said Maikovskis had been living in West Germany for about a year after fleeing the United States. He said West German authorities granted him a visa and he was allowed into the country with a passport issued by the Latvian government in exile.

The asylum request is still pending, independent of the criminal investigation.

The United States began deportation proceedings against Maikovskis in 1976, but that was held up by several appeals. His last appeal was denied by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1986.

Before coming to West Germany, Maikovskis lived in Mineola, N.Y.

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