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Wright State Students Vote For ‘Bad Girls’

March 1, 1985

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) _ After being pulled from Wright State University’s winter-quarter film schedule, ″Bad Girls″ has a good chance of being shown this spring after students approved X-rated films on campus by a 2-1 margin.

More than 1,000 signatures were collected late last year protesting the proposed midnight showing. The movie was stricken from the schedule following complaints that X-rated films degrade women and are inappropriate fare for a state-supported university.

Wright State’s obscenity review committee tied at 3-3 over whether ″Bad Girls″ was obscene. The committee was established in 1978 after a similar dispute that went to court.

Since then, the University Center Board has included an occasional X-rated movie in its film schedule.

The referendum, sponsored by the student government association Tuesday and Wednesday, asked students how they felt about X-rated films on campus for entertainment purposes.

Students approved by a vote of 543-to-270, said Keith Jones, a member of the election commission, adding that the turnout rate of 5.8 percent was quite good for a primarily commuter campus with more than 14,000 students.

Ronald Keucher, assistant lectures chairman for the University Center Board, said ″people who knew and cared about it had ample time to vote.″

Keucher said the board’s film committee plans to work ″Bad Girls″ into the spring schedule, which must be approved by the vice president of student affairs, Elenore Koch.

Cathy Morris, coordinator of student activities, said the Center Board apparently has ″passed all the obstacles put before them.″

Martin Evers, a Dayton sophomore working with ″Concerned Students for Community Values,″ which lobbied against the film, questioned whether the referendum reflected a true majority and said even if it did, ″the majority isn’t always right.″

″What would you say if the majority of students voted to show films with aggression against blacks or the handicapped?″ he said. ″My feeling is that the women of Wright State University have enough to be concerned about when walking through the parking lot late at night without the university center board entertaining students with movies that encourage viewers to look at women as sexual objects. I’m not sure this referendum should be taken as a green light.″

Evers said he wanted to see what fellow members of the University Center Board planned to do before deciding what to do next.

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