Fish and Game moves grizzly bear that was repeatedly seen near Island Park campground

July 13, 2018
Mill Creek Bear

A male grizzly bear was trapped at the Mill Creek Campground in Island Park on July 11.

ISLAND PARK — Fish and Game personnel trapped a sub-adult male grizzly bear from the Mill Creek Campground in Island Park on July 11 after receiving multiple reports of a bear in, or close to, the campground and a nearby subdivision.

The bear appeared to have lost some of its natural fear of humans, which is referred to as “habituation,” a condition that can be dangerous to humans and the bear.

After being captured, the grizzly was sedated, tagged, and fitted with a GPS collar. The bear was transported and released in a remote portion of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest near Snow Creek Butte.

Fish and Game officials say the stress of being captured and transported may cause the bear be more wary of humans in the future, and they will monitor the bear using data from its GPS collar, which allows department staff to pinpoint its location.

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