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Football Players Mind Their Manners

January 5, 1998

MIAMI (AP) _ There may be a role for Miss Manners on the sidelines for the Coral Reef Senior High football team.

Coach Ernest Perkins requires his players to attend etiquette classes. In other words: Learn some manners or sit on the bench.

Perkins makes players learn manners to help them prepare for life after football. He said he’s upset about the bad reputation some give the sport.

``It’s not about the NFL, it’s about being a man of honor, about getting a college degree,″ he said. ``These guys are going to have to be polished when they meet others.″

During one class, the players, dressed in their blue and black football jerseys over a white shirt and tie, listened intently as teacher Myoushi Jones explained how to set a table.

Besides table manners, the team has learned everything from poise and appropriate dress to goal setting and appropriate greetings. Public speaking and successful interviewing also are among the classes they must take.

And nice guys apparently don’t finish last: The Barracudas completed the season 7-1.

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