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Bush Sides With Quayle On Cultural Elite

June 10, 1992

WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Bush sided today with Vice President Quayle in his latest attack against ″the cultural elite.″

″I support the vice president, I’ll tell you that,″ said Bush when asked about Quayle’s speech in Indianapolis on Tuesday. Quayle, sitting across the table from the president, smiled.

In his speech to the Southern Baptist convention, Quayle referred to media reaction to his recent attack on the fictional television character Murphy Brown. Quayle deplored her decision to be a single mother as a bad example for the nation.

″I wear their scorn as a badge of honor,″ Quayle told the Baptists. He said that changes in the culture had created ″a cultural divide .. that it sometimes seems we have two cultures, the cultural elite and the rest of us.″

Asked today what he thought of the speech, Bush said ″I haven’t read the speech, but what I saw I liked.″

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