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Police Find Similarities In Killings Of Gay Men

March 29, 1986

NEW YORK (AP) _ Three homosexual men slain in their apartments in the past nine months all brought their killer home and allowed themselves to be tied up before they were suffocated, police said Friday.

″We feel each one of these victims was in the company of someone he had met that evening,″ said Joseph Borrelli, deputy chief of detectives.

″It’s our opinion that they may have willingly allowed themselves to be loosely tied. All three were found in that situation and there was no sign of struggle.″

While each of the victims was known to frequent the same two homosexual hangouts, one in Manhattan and the other in Queens, Borrelli said police could not say a killer was ″stalking″ those establishments, nor would he call the slayings serial deaths.

He said, however, that people should be careful about whom they invite home, particularly if it was someone they had just met.

There were other similarities in the deaths, Borelli said. All three victims were Hispanic, the killings were in the victims’ bedrooms, lights were on and radios were playing, and property was taken from the apartments.

The victims lived within an 18-block area in Queens, but evidently were not friends, police said.

Pedro Gonzalez, 43, a dishwasher in a Manhattan restaurant, was slain March 21. Robert Pastoriza, 36, a jeweler’s assistant, was killed Jan. 18. Felix Benitez, 27, a singer in homosexual bars, was found dead July 16.

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