KissCam, LLC Launches White-Label Fan Building App

January 15, 2019

Denver, Colo, Jan. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KissCam LLC, an entertainment, advertising, and video/photo messaging company,announced the launch of its white-label fan and community building mobile app with its first app for Danny Morrison, former New Zealand cricketer, and current international cricket commentator.

KissCam’s white-label app provides celebrities, sports teams, leagues and more a platform to build their brand, fans, and communities.

“I am humbled to be part of KissCam’s efforts to globally embrace fans on this magnificent platform that is fun, informative and interactive,” said Morrison.

Last week, KissCam, LLC announced receiving a U.S. patent for “Contest in the Arena” that provides a method and system for collecting, communicating and evaluating digital images of participants’ public displays of affection from various entertainment venues.

The KissCam, LLC patent (#10162839) is for a proprietary mobile app architecture that allows attendees to upload photos in branded frames and participate in contests in specific locations, venues, and arenas.

KissCam’s white-label app enables owners to aggregate all their information, updates, and more on their own platform with numerous options to build their community, engage followers, promote sponsorships, conduct contests and sell merchandise.

-- Fans can actively participate by: o Sharing photos in owner-branded frames in the app, as well as on social media sites – thereby extending brand awareness o Writing posts to the owner, which can be seen by other fans o Interacting with other fans to share thoughts, ideas, and opinions o Participating in contests to win prizes o Earning points through their participation on the app to receive exclusive benefits such as event invitations, discounts on merchandise, etc. -- Owners can benefit by: o Sharing news, videos and host chats with their fans – all of them at once or segmented by demographics o Inviting fans to special events, games, parties, shows and more o Conducting polls to determine followers’ interests, opinions and more o Hosting contests with fan to win prizes o Learning more about their fans through shared data on the app o Generating ad revenue through paid sponsorships on the app o Selling unique merchandise available just for fans

KissCam offers white-label app owners the option to manage the app themselves or have KissCam administer the app on their behalf.

“Our white-label mobile app provides celebrities, sports figures, sporting leagues, and others the opportunity to harness their brand on a single platform that they own,” said Dana R. Veitch, Founder, and CEO of KissCam, LLC. “Owners can now engage directly with fans on a deeper level, gain more exposure through social media shares, and generate additional revenue streams by offering branded sponsorships and merchandise.”

The Danny Morrison white-label app by KissCam is available for download in iOS and Android. For further information, contact KissCam at info@kisscam.com.

About KissCam LLC:

Founded in 2012, KissCam, LLC is a privately held entertainment, advertising, and video/photo messaging company that owns KissCam, a free video and photo sharing app available on iOS and Android. Kisscam, LLC owns the KissCam trademark worldwide, as well as a U.S. patent (#10162839) for “Contest in the Arena”that provides a method and system for collecting, communicating and evaluating digital images of participants’ public displays of affection from various entertainment venues. KissCam also offers personalized “white label” versions of its proprietary mobile app to individuals, celebrities, athletes and others.For further information, visit KissCam.com.


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