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Charges Against Malaysia’s Anwar

November 3, 1998

Summary of the charges against ousted deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim, whose trial began Monday. Anwar has pleaded innocent to all 10 charges against him. The trial is for four counts of corruption. A separate trial will be held for the other charges.


The five charges of corruption against Anwar are:

1. Interfering in May 1995 in an investigation into his private secretary, who was suspected of receiving a bribe.

2. Directing directed two police officers in August 1997 to obtain a written statement from a man denying sexual misconduct and sodomy with Anwar.

3. Directing the same officers to ask the man to give a written public statement denying sexual misconduct.

4. Directing officers to obtain a written statement from a woman denying sexual misconduct with Anwar.

5. Directing the officers to ask the woman to give a written public statement denying sex with him.


The five charges of sexual misconduct are:

1. Committing sodomy with a man in April 1994.

2. Committing sodomy with a second man in May 1994.

3. Committing sodomy with a third man in April 1998.

4. Committing sodomy with a fourth man in March 1993.

5. Committing sodomy with a fifth man in December 1992.


Each corruption charge carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in jail and a fine of $5,300. Each sodomy charge is punishable with a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail and a whipping.

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